Final Project

This is my Final Project for Social Media Class.


Tumblr from birth till yahoo.

Tumblr, was one of the only places where I, myself, could go and find things that I enjoyed, and that I could truly relate to. From the birth of my blog, until its demolish by use of trolling, I could share the most deepest feelings I had ever had for anyone, anything, anytime, without feeling like I was being judged or with out having to talk to people about it or even feel the need to defend myself.

Until its internal demise when the CEO of Tumblr was bought out by Yahoo, it had then become nothing more than a hub of advertisements and “paytopost” values in which tumblr was never intended.Flynn Rider - Lewis Key


I never thought about using Facebook as a way to improve my career or to even market a future business. I knew that college recruiters, future in-laws, places of employment, and even my grandmother view my Facebook and that I can be held accountable for comments I make, photos I post, and even things my “friends” do.

I have been advised to create a Facebook profile for my “actor personality.” People are always surprised that you can live in Oklahoma and be in movies… even get paid to do it. Several of my actor friends have the professional pages, usually managed by their families or if you make enough money, your publicist, etc.

If I were to start a “public actor” page, I guess I would use this photo as the profile pic. Lewis Key (1)

Composing is something I would love to share to the world.